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Stovepipe Thermometer magnetic

Ensure your stove is operating at the correct temperature by using this magnetic thermometer that attaches to your stove pipe. If your stove is too cold then creosote deposits will form, if its too hot then you are wasting energy and could damage your Ecofan.

First, it will make fires last longer which saves on reloading. It will cut down on chimney cleaning by burning wood completely in the best operation range, helping to avoid chimney fires by keeping from overheating.


1 piece  = 27,50 €

Stovepipe Thermometer magnetic   Typ: ChimGard

The ChimGard energy meter sets the standard for the industry. It combines durable genuine porcelain enamel with yellow & orange zones clearly indicated on its brown case - shows safe flue temperatures at a glance. Temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Centigrade). ChimGard's rugged steel case ensures long life.

The optimum temperature is in the lower part of the Ofenrohrs at 130 °C to 240 °C


Stovepipe Thermometer magnetic   Typ: WoodSaver

Black aluminum with silver markings and red pointer. Markings indicate ranges for too cool (creosote), best operation, and overheating. Temperatures up to 900° Fahrenheit (500 Centigrade). The WoodSaver Stovepipe Thermometer is NOT designed for the hotter surfaces of a woodstove or insert.

1 piece  = 24,90 €

Shipping and packaging costs up to 25 pieces

small parcel :     for all EU countries    6,90 €                                   World wide              13,90 €

parcel :             for all EU countries  18,50 €

 for example : Russian Federation 31,50 €



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